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Spring in the Semirechye. Personal equipment

What to take to a journey and what to leave at home
What will the weather be like?
Early May in southern Kazakhstan is considered to be a late spring, almost summer. But the mountains of Tien Shan at altitudes above 2,500 meters are still covered with snow at this time. Sun radiation is very strong — you need to take it into account, as the skin of a Central Russia resident is not ready for such a drastic and strong impact.

Here are the statistics of previous years weather in Almaty in May: http://prognoz-pogoda.com/arhiv/almaty/may
But the data above are given for Almaty, the city located on the mountain border, where the weather is unstable. In Almaty region (statistics for the highlands in the south) most of the annual rainfall of about 100 mm falls in April and in May, so there is a strong chance of rain there.

Features of the spring weather in Southern Kazakhstan (Semirechye):
• It can be rainy and this could ruin or spoil our impressions of some days.
• BUTwe will not feel like being baked in the oven. And this is what happens with this place in the summer. In addition, at this time steppes and deserts is rich in blossoms and flowers, and that is what we actually look for. (In the summer, in June, the entire southern Kazakhstan is an endless plain of burnt grass)• There is a possibility that we will not be able to cross the Asa plateau through, this time of year there may be a lot of dirt.
• BUTat the same time the snow lies low and, again, everything blooms, including tulips. So it is very beautiful.And so, +13°C to +30°C during the day, around + 10°C at night. In the area of Lake Kainda at an altitude of nearly 2,000 meters it is -2°C or lower in the night. We will spend one night there. Some rain and wind may happen. On the Asa plateau (height of 2700 meters and above) the weather is more severe – it may even snow. But we are not staying there overnight , only passing it through.
For anyone who has experience in travels over the Altay region, the Semirechye will not be a difficult thing and they have nothing to fear.
What personal equipment is necessary?
1. Windproof and rainproof jackets and trousers * a must

We will do quite a lot of walking, so the upper layer of clothing should protect us from all the surprises of nature. We can use any outdoor clothes that can be purchased at sports stores. There are fewer demands for trousers; it is likely that you won’t need them.

2. Trekking shoes a must

We will do a lot of walking through rough terrain: rocks, steep clay slopes, sand dunes. The main requirement for footwear is an aggressive outsole. Sandals, sneakers, running shoes and fitness boots are not allowed. It is desirable that the shoes protect and hold the ankle. Any suitable trekking shoes or regular sneakers with aggressive and hard soles are ok. Trekking shoes look like this:

We recommend bringing a change of shoes for the evening. No strict requirements here, but you should take into account that grass can be wet and weather cold on the lake Kainda. There is a small lifehack — you can take special autumn and winter boots with textile upper part and rubber sole like that. The footwear is warm, waterproof and extremely lightweight. And most importantly, it is cheap and usually found for sale on the markets.

3. Headdress * -a must

A hat, panama hat, pith helmet, keffiyeh, bandana, or scarf — most importantly it should protect from the sun. When traveling to the the lake Kainda, a warm knitted cap will be useful.

4. Warm jacket with hood (fleece) *— a must

It can proof useful in cold weather, especially at night, when physical activity is almost minimal.

5. Warm trousers — a must

In the case of a cold snap you can use any fleece pants or usual woolen tights.

6. Sleeping bag* a must

You should take a bag with the comfort temperature below -6°C and even lower. Please note that we indicate the comfort temperature, not the extreme one.

7. Sleeping pad (camping mat)*— a must

For comfort sleep in tents.

8. Head flashlight *— recommended

In the evening it is very convenient, especially during the late setting up of the camp, walking in the twilight, etc.

9. Thermal underwear — recommended

It is convenient during physical activity since it removes moisture from your body and is useful during sleep as another warming layer.

10. Woolen socks — recommended

For comfort and warmth during sleep.

11. Gloves and sunglasses — at your discretion

If your skin is sensitive to the sun any sports gloves will be useful. In the Tien Shan mountains warm fleece gloves will keep your hands warm

12. Backpack — at your discretion
Personal belongings can be brought in any travel bag, even in a suitcase — anything you like. During daily walks (in the mountains of Aktau, for example, you can walk more than four hours), you can take a small backpack to store a jacket for rainy weather, a water bottle and a light snack.
13. A mug, a plate, a spoon — a must.

Plastic or metal, but not porcelain or ceramic. A fork will be not as handy as a spoon. You can take a small folding knife, but do not forget to put in the luggage during the flight.

The plate like shown in the picture here has proved itself very useful, it can be purchased in all Sportmaster stores..

14. Personal hygiene items — a must.
* If necessary, the organizers can provide this personal gear for the trip. Jackets: Marmot, Redfox and BASK (sizes can vary), sleeping bags with required temperature mode, hooded fleece jackets , etc. We do not provide the footwear, it can be only your own.

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