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Expeditionary equipment

Every year our expedition experience grows: in each journey we test new technical solutions and equipment. We look for most reliable and optimal choices. Such experience can be regarded priceless, as each solution is backed by real challenges and difficulties.

Vehicle park

Not many vehicles are suitable for expeditions to low-populated or unpopulated areas (and as a rule, we travel just to such areas). Basing on our experience, we mostly use two types of motor cars − these are UAZ 2206 and Mitsubishi Delica. As a rule, these are not standard factory supplied vehicles, but specially prepared off-roaders. Each car is equipped with soft seats and a heater for the cabin.


Depending on an expedition and the number of team members, we may use other vehicles: UAZ «Farmer»,  Toyota Land Cruiser Prado etc. The drivers in all journeys are people with an extensive expeditionary and off-road experience, and it can’t be otherwise.

The expedition tent camp

As a rule, most of areas we go to expeditions are places absolutely unprepared for receiving guests. That is why the team of the Siberian Expeditions always, with few exceptions, spend evenings and nights in a tent camp, which is to be set by members of the team themselves.tents of the brand Normal for accommodation of the expedition team members. These comfortable tents have recommended themselves as reliable outdoor equipment. We have models «Lotos» (2-, 3- or 4-man tents), Neva (4-man) and Savannah (4-man). The accommodation generally follows the rule «place minus one», which means that 2 people stay in a tent designed as 3-man, and 3 people — in a tent designed as 4-man, etc. We divide tents into male and female; families and friends are free to stay together. Each tent goes with portable fluorescent lamp to provide individual lighting. When we set camp for a day or more, a special sanitary tent may be set depending on the surrounding landscape and other factors.


We always take a set of camping furniture − folding chairs and tables to spend our evenings with comfort. A small portable gasoline 1 kW generator is used for lighting in the evening and nighttime. It can also be used for recharging photo and video cameras and laptops. Cooking meals. We try to cook dinners and breakfasts on the camp fire, but at the same time every expedition team has a gasoline burner and a gas stove, so that it is easy to cook meal for a whole team fast even in bad weather and other circumstances. If we plan to have snacks on our way, we always fill a big thermal flask «Arctica» with hot water, so that we can stop and drink tea at any time. The whole team takes part in cooking meals: depending on expeditionary conditions, the duties are either in turn or assigned by the leader. We do not engage a cook, as we think that his/her services will inappropriately increase the cost of journeys and will be more of negative than positive influence on the team spirit. If there are cafes or canteens along the expedition route, we may (but not necessarily) stop for a meal there.

Telecommunication equipment

In almost all expeditions, we carry a satellite phone Iridium 9575 extreme, capable to call any place in the world or send a short message if it is really required.

Siberian Expeditions Tour Annual Calendar
An off-road winter expedition across Eastern Siberia  
Russia, Eastern Siberia. Frozen Baikal lake, Severomuysky tonnel, Charsky sand dunes and Kodar mountains, meet the Evenk nomads and construction site veterans as well as enjoying terrific winter Siberian nature.  
An off-road expedition in the Altay Mountains from North to South
Russia, Siberia, Altay Mountains. Challenge yourself! Blooming Rhododendron ledebourii, a mountain hikes and a collection of beautiful minerals!
Expedition tour across South Kazakhstan  
South Kazakhstan. Visit the other planet! All-in: Snow peaks, Sand Dunes, blooming poppies and deepest canyons.  
Around Altai, bike expedition tour
Russia, Siberia, Altay Mountains. The best destinations in Siberia if you’re into biking! Mountain trails and passes, wildlife, unique ancient rock art, ethnography.  
Into the wild North Lake Baikal  
Russia, Siberia, Lake Baikal. Journey through the deepest and cleanest lake in the World! Culture, Evenk Village, national siberian cuisine, fishing, shamanism and wild-wild nature of Siberia  
Winter Ski trip in wild Siberia
Russia, Siberia, Shoria Mountains. Face real Siberian winter, travel across Shoria mountains and experience untouched nature. Staying at the huts only.

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