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About us

Siberian Expeditions Team
Siberian Expeditions is a team of professional guides. We make adventure and discovery tours in Russia. Have been working since 2010 we organized more than forty tours and expeditions to the most beautiful and attractive places of wild Russia: Mountain Altai, the Siberian taiga forest, lake Baikal, the Trans-Siberian Railway, the Caucasus Mountains, Kamchatka, Tuva, Khakassia, the Kuril Islands. We have all the resources: people, outdoor equipment, transportation, knowledge and experience working with tourists from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. And we are open for partnership with groups from around the world. Looking for a reliable guides team in Russia? Congratulations, you found it.
The main staff of the Siberian expedition team:
Zhitin Rodion, Siberian Expeditions  
Zhitin Rodion
CEO and professional adventure guiade to Russia and Kazakhstan. Experience since 1999.
Russia, Moscow and Novokuzneck.
Igor Thomas
Professional  bike expeditions giude to Russia. Experience since 2003.
Russia, Novosibirsk.
Konstantin Aksenov
Professional giude of skiing tours.
Experience since 2015.
Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Why should you travel with us:
You will be taken not to tour, not a trek, but a real expedition, with its objectives, the unknown, and the search for its unique atmosphere.
You feel like a hero of the books of childhood, Indiana Jones — this is the most authentic adventure tourism, which in Russia, almost no one does.
Everything is secure. There’s no extreme, all the risks are calculated. An insurance against accident is issued when we plan visiting wild places for many days- a group is registered at the Ministry of Emergency Situations.
You will get a unique experience. You can not return the same from the expedition: there is a reassessment of values in life, there are interesting new friends who have proven themselves good. Even the eyes of travelers become wiser and happier. You are not a customer, you are a part of the team. We will explore and change the world together.
Jointly with research organizations and film studios, we create scientific, adventurous (cognitive) and eco-tourism traveling for you, which anyone can take part in. We refer to such journeys as expeditions, «travel with meaning» because they are based on interesting research purposes, on an opportunity to make a real discovery and to obtain diverse knowledge about the travel area from competent professionals.

Each journey is like a work of art — the result of the work of many people and very often — a few years of efforts. Full dedication, unfabled real discoveries, impressive routes, friendship, unique ideas and know-hows do their work — such trips will give you more than anybody ever would be able to provide.

Our work is our lifestyle; we do not know if it could be otherwise, that is why everything is so high quality and interesting. We call our company a club for one simple reason — it is an open structure, and anyone can join us, but only if they really want to. Besides, we do not consider the customers as customers only – they are proper members of the team, the travelers, and their energy and charisma can influence (and they do) the dynamics of the entire trip. Together we examine and change the world.

The club creates and reflects to the world a special view on everything that happens — the view of the Traveler and Explorer: the view of a person interested in the natural and historical processes and phenomena, wildlife and people’s attitude to the environment and to each other.

All Club travels are pure adventure with a lot of bright and positive emotions, the stories of which your grandchildren will be delighted to listen to. We always look for something, discover, investigate, learn, experiment, get new knowledge, experience and meaning — very often, a two-week expedition substitutes a few years of life in the city.

Siberian Expeditions Tour Annual Calendar
An off-road winter expedition across Eastern Siberia  
Russia, Eastern Siberia. Frozen Baikal lake, Severomuysky tonnel, Charsky sand dunes and Kodar mountains, meet the Evenk nomads and construction site veterans as well as enjoying terrific winter Siberian nature.  
An off-road expedition in the Altay Mountains from North to South
Russia, Siberia, Altay Mountains. Challenge yourself! Blooming Rhododendron ledebourii, a mountain hikes and a collection of beautiful minerals!
Expedition tour across South Kazakhstan  
South Kazakhstan. Visit the other planet! All-in: Snow peaks, Sand Dunes, blooming poppies and deepest canyons.  
Around Altai, bike expedition tour
Russia, Siberia, Altay Mountains. The best destinations in Siberia if you’re into biking! Mountain trails and passes, wildlife, unique ancient rock art, ethnography.  
Into the wild North Lake Baikal  
Russia, Siberia, Lake Baikal. Journey through the deepest and cleanest lake in the World! Culture, Evenk Village, national siberian cuisine, fishing, shamanism and wild-wild nature of Siberia  
Winter Ski trip in wild Siberia
Russia, Siberia, Shoria Mountains. Face real Siberian winter, travel across Shoria mountains and experience untouched nature. Staying at the huts only.

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