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Our Travel Style. Expedition Style

Siberian Expeditions, what is an expeditions?

«I’m taking part in an expedition!» – Do you feel the way it sounds? There is somethingreal in it, almost primitive as a defiant challenge to our monotonous everyday life.

Perhaps you have already noticed that we live in a rather boring world, in a world where people have forgotten how to dream. All the continents are discovered, the poles and the highest peaks are already conquered, and treasure maps are no longer floating in bottles in the oceans. Romance is slipping through our fingers replaced by «bird cages» of agreements, fears and conventions. Now, in the XXI century there doesn’t seem to be a place for a real journey; comfort is in the foreground, and that is a comfort of the body. However, it is not quite true. Somewhere deep inside many of us want something else, and it is the most fundamental human craving for adventure and discovery that gives us a go. Just imagine…

You can find an ancient sanctuary with petroglyphs the Altay Mountains or in Mongolia, try to understand the semantics and the logic of the ancient people, stay in a yurt with nomads, drink tea and chat with them to find out why and how they live. Test yourself in the winter Siberian taiga and jump in the snow after a red-hot bath, go skiing among fir trees and gray high mountains. Go with the scientists to the Kuril Islands to participate in the study of killer whales and sperm whales. Cross the entire wild steppe of Kazakhstan to study aeolian cities of unearthly beauty and find imprints of prehistoric plants and animals with the team of professional geologists. In search of mammoth tusks you can go to the very north of Yakutia, to the region of permafrost. Fly to the far island of Socotra, where the flora is so much different from the one familiar to us that it seems like you’ve landed on a distant planet. You can travel in an authentic wooden boat along the Mrassu river, plunge into the world of Siberian taiga, touch its mysteries …

This may seem like an exaggeration, but the world is not yet discovered – point a finger at the map, and you’ll find a blank page. We live on a planet full of secrets and mysteries, amazing natural beauty and most unusual and interesting people. Give us your hand – we are the team of «Siberian expeditions» and we invite you to a real trip!


So, our offer is:

Since 2010 we are engaged in the organization of tourism travel very unusual for the Russian market, travel aimed not to overcome the difficulties and finish the route (as it is the case of common active tours), but to find an aesthetic enjoyment in the nature, culture and new knowledge about the world.

This is the style of «Russian geographical society», or National Geographic – the so-called scientific expedition and adventure tourism. The main feature of these trips is that each of them has its own purpose and its own unique peculiarities that transform a journey into an experience of a lifetime for each group member.

The mission of our company, is to give a possibility for every Earth man to take part in such expeditions and that is why we make them as comfortable as possible (to the best of expeditionary conditions and stated goals), safe, affordable, informative and interesting.

Our work does not go unnoticed, articles about us written on the websites, in newspapers, magazines and even movies filmed with main characters being participants of almost each our journey.


As a rule, each trip is preceded by a long history of its creation, the idea and the intrigue of a research. We study tons of references, engage some of the best specialists in the country. For example, we cooperated with FEROP – the leading experts in the study of killer whales – in the organization of a research expedition to Paramushiro; in the organization of the expedition across Khakassia there were the experts from the Siberian Environmental Center with us, some of the most well-known scholars and practitioners in the study of birds of prey. While organizing the travel search, we collect legends, maps and data from a variety of sources, even from the most unimaginable ones. For example, we have discovered an ancient Kazakhstan crystal mine, and the search was based on the information from a writer who mentioned it in one of his fiction books.


Our goal is to create an action in the travel, some emotional content, the storyline of adventure and exploration – almost like in a movie where all of us are actors and directors. In addition, if it comes to the best we want to get the expedition’s objective result manifested in real scientific discoveries and observations, unique photos and video material.

Siberian Expeditions Tour Annual Calendar
An off-road winter expedition across Eastern Siberia  
Russia, Eastern Siberia. Frozen Baikal lake, Severomuysky tonnel, Charsky sand dunes and Kodar mountains, meet the Evenk nomads and construction site veterans as well as enjoying terrific winter Siberian nature.  
An off-road expedition in the Altay Mountains from North to South
Russia, Siberia, Altay Mountains. Challenge yourself! Blooming Rhododendron ledebourii, a mountain hikes and a collection of beautiful minerals!
Expedition tour across South Kazakhstan  
South Kazakhstan. Visit the other planet! All-in: Snow peaks, Sand Dunes, blooming poppies and deepest canyons.  
Around Altai, bike expedition tour
Russia, Siberia, Altay Mountains. The best destinations in Siberia if you’re into biking! Mountain trails and passes, wildlife, unique ancient rock art, ethnography.  
Into the wild North Lake Baikal  
Russia, Siberia, Lake Baikal. Journey through the deepest and cleanest lake in the World! Culture, Evenk Village, national siberian cuisine, fishing, shamanism and wild-wild nature of Siberia  
Winter Ski trip in wild Siberia
Russia, Siberia, Shoria Mountains. Face real Siberian winter, travel across Shoria mountains and experience untouched nature. Staying at the huts only.

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