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Great Siberian Journey

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        Great Siberian Journey
        It is a long (both in time and distance) and rich in impressions journey to the south of Siberia and one of the most interesting Siberian expeditions ever.
        We are going to:
          Visit the Altay Mountains, Tyva, the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Khakassia during one journey. Be surprised by the great variety of beauties and attractions of these places.
          See several climate zones and landscapes of the Earth with our own eyes: high mountains covered with glaciers, deep canyons rugged by threads of waterfalls, burnt mountain steppes and cedar-larch forests, alpine meadows and even a sandy desert with a «Martian-like» landscape.
          Touch the greatest antiquities of Siberia: rock drawings (petroglyphs), ancient Siberian runes, old stone warriors, Scythian steles (deer stones), shamanic sacred places, huge mounds and megaliths as well as the world’s oldest astronomical complex “Sunduki”.
          Learn the culture of modern nomads, listen to the Altay throat singing in a yurt, go to the shamanistic clinic and Buddhist monasteries and visit one of the best ethnic museums in the world — Shushenskoe, which is a perfectly preserved specimen of a XIX century Russian village.
          Go hiking in the Ergaki in the Krasnoyarsk Territory — the most beautiful mountain National Park in the world.
          Explore the Ubsunur Hollow in Tyva — one of the most mysterious places in Russia.
          Walk the Path of the Shaman in Khakassia, feel its strange power.
          Come home a different person: Impressed and enriched by the vastness, depth and wisdom of Siberia.




          Brief overview:
        Stage 1: Barnaul — Kyzyl

        The registration fee is 81 550 rub per person

        The registration fee covers: the work of managers and leaders, the transportation in the expedition cars and boats, the accommodation in all tourist centers and hotels, the accommodation in a tent camp, travel meals, a concert of throat singing, insurance.  
          • Dates: August 8 — 22 (15 days), 2016

          • Starting point: Barnaul, West Siberia, Altay
          • Finish point: Kyzyl, Republic of Tyva
          • Number of participants:   5-7 people (7 available)
          Stage 2. Kyzyl — Krasnoyarsk
          The registration fee is 77 950 rub per person
          The registration fee covers: the work of the organizers and leaders, the transportation on expedition vehicles, a guide around Ergaki , the accommodation in all tourist centers and hotels, the accommodation in tent camp, travel meals, excursions, insurance.  
          • Dates: August 22 — September 2 (12 days), 2016
          • Starting point: Kyzyl, Republic of Tyva
          • Finish point: Krasnoyarsk, East Siberia
          • Number of participants:   5-7 people (7 available)
          Research: geography and ancient places of worship in Siberia (Ubsunur Hollow, Path of the Shaman and the astronomical complex Sunduki).
          New knowledge and experience: an extraordinary expansion of horizons in the fields of ethnography, religion, archeology, history and geology. The expedition will have its own extensive library; regular lectures and excursions will be organized. You will also receive invaluable experience of a long and not always easy travel that will definitely make you stronger in all aspects.
          Relaxation: unity with the nature and yourself, cultural saturation, photography, meeting interesting people, fishing for grayling, trekking in the mountains, a genuine Siberian banya (steam bath).

        Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Горный Алтай. Телецкое озеро. Great Siberian journey.  The Altay Mountains. The Chulyshman canyon. Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Горный Алтай. Курайская степь и Северо-Чуйский хребет.
        Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Горный Алтай. Чуйская степь. Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Тыва, Убсунурская котловина, пустыня Цугурэлс Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Тыва. Убсунурская котловина, Монгун-Тайга
        Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Красноярский край, Ергаки. Большое Сибирское Путешествие.Тыва, Саянские горы. Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Хакасия, Сундуки.

        Что бы подробно рассмотреть карту, нажмите правой кнопкой мыши, выберите СОХРАНИТЬ КАК (SAVE IMAGES). Сохраните файл на жесткий диск и уже потом откройте его на компьютере

        For details, click the left mouse button on the map, then right click on it and select Save image. Open it on your computer.

        Where do we go?


        Siberian expedition team

        (goals and mission of the expedition)


        We’ll travel to discover Siberia. If you think that someone has already done it, you’re a little bit wrong. Actually, even the 90% of the so-called Siberians know several times more about Turkey than about some places located 10 kilometers away from their home. All the rest of the world thinks Siberia to be all about emptiness and cold..

        And anything you heard or knew of Siberia is absolutely irrelevant. Siberia is different, entirely different. This place will change your opinion about it, at the same time changing yourself dramatically. But it is necessary to immerse yourself in Siberia completely to discover and understand it. That is why we have such an intense and complex route, and that is why it takes a lot of time. We will get much in return — to name one thing, we will live another life full of incredible events and impressions.

        Moreover, we will be able to declare: «We have been in Siberia, and we know what it really is.» Only a small number of people can say these words and avoid lying at the same time.


        Rodion, the head of travel
        The expeditions’ organizer with five years’ experience. Member of the Russian Geographical Society.
          Vladimir,, the driver of the legendary UAZ Kuzya
        An expert of the off-road travelling.
        Bear Grylls himself had trusted Vladimir with his life during his trip to the Altay.



        Why you should travel with us:
        You will take part not in a tour or a trip but in a real expedition, , with its objectives, discoveries, research and its unique atmosphere.
        You will feel like a hero of the childhood books, Indiana Jones — this is the most authentic scientific and adventure tourism, which almost no one can offer in Russia.
        The Siberian atmosphere is unique. . We know a lot about Siberia, one can call us «professional Siberians». We have participated in many journeys and scientific expeditions to Siberia, know a lot of legends and interesting stories — we really have many things to surprise you.
        You will get an unmatched life experience. . No one returns the same person from this expedition: there is a reassessment of values in life; there are interesting and reliable new friends, even the eyes of the travelers become wiser and happier. You are not a customer; you are a part of the team. . We will explore and change the world together. As a rule, the expedition is just the beginning — we can work together on the received materials or carry out further joint projects.
        Reviews and impressions of other expeditions:


        Rodion, you are a romantic, and this is the character trait that many people lack nowadays! You do such things, you just heal our souls.
        Expedition «Spring in the Semirechye (Seven Rivers)»


        Rodion, I think you saved my life!) After a trip to the Altay, amazing things happen to me, I truly live, and I am so happy) Moscow is no longer exhausting me.
        Thank you again, thank you! :)

        Expedition «Runes of the Ancient Altay»



        The latest news this week is from a specialist in runes Gleb Kubarev from Novosibirsk about the stone slab with unknown characters taken from Kokkol waterfall: «We can confidently say that the stone is divided into strips — this was the way to write big runic texts in Mongolia.” It’s a startling finding that requires further research! For now, this is the first success of research expedition to East Kazakhstan organized by people from Novosibirsk in July this year My congratulations to the club «Siberian Expeditions»! Thank you for the opportunity to make discoveries! (10/28/2013)
        The expedition to East Kazakhstan, 2013


        What will we see and do?
        (Click on the photos for more details)
        Большое Сибирское Путешествие. На катере по Телецкому озеру. Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Водопад Учар. Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Каменные Грибы.
        Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Чулышманский каньон. Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Кату-Ярык. Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Пазырыкские курганы.
        Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Улаганские озёра. Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Красные ворота. Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Голубое родниковое озеро title=
        Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Курайская степь и Северо-Чуйский хребет. Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Горловое пение в юрте. Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Чаган - Узун. Марс на Земле.
        Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Каменные воины Алтая. Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Сибирские руны. Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Перевал Бугузун.
        Большое Сибирское Путешествие. Тыва, гора Монгун Тайга Озеро Торе Холь в Тыве, в Убсунурской котловине Кежеге, шаманская гора в Тыве, в Убсунурской котловине
        Пустыня Цугээр-Элс, Тыва


            Week One (1st Stage)

              The picturesque beauty of the Altay Mountains. A touch of beauty.



        Day 1. To Lake Teletskoye.
        After a short tour around Barnaul, we will travel south to the Altay Mountains in our minibus. After Biysk we will see the beginning of the mountains — the high hills, covered with thick taiga forest. After dinner we will be on the shore of Lake Teletskoye, at a recreation center. The remaining time will be spent on acclimatization and rest after the road, we will also get acquainted with each other.
        Rally: 435 km (good asphalt), meals at cafes, overnight in a recreation center on the shore of Lake Teletskoye.
        Day 2nd. Across Lake Teletskoe to the Chulyshman canyon
        We will get on a boat and go on a voyage over the entire lake to the very south of it, at the mouth of the river Chulyshman. There will be stunning views around – the steep and high mountains embrace the lake, in fact, we will already be in a giant canyon. Along the way, the boat will make several stops, including at the beautiful waterfall Corbu. By lunch we will arrive to our destination — Cape Kyrsay. There we will meet Yuri, our expeditionary driver, who will be waiting for us. We will pack all the stuff in the car and drive through the canyon to the mouth of the river Chulcha and the tourist center «Stone Mushrooms».
        Boat: 80 km, rally: 47 km (dirt road), overnight in a yurt..
        Day 3. Excursion to the stone mushroomsв
        We need to get to the Stone Mushrooms (Akkurum landmark) not later than 6-7 o’clock in the morning — this is the time you can make decent photos, later the mushrooms will be in the shade until the end of the day. Therefore we will rise early in the morning, take a boat to cross the Chulyshman river and climb the hill to the wooded area. In the afternoon we will get back to the camp. The remaining time can be used as you like it: fishing, walking around the area, swimming or just enjoying the perfect nature of the Altay Mountains.
        Walking distance: 3-4 km, campfire-made meals, overnight in the tent camp, Russian steam bath in the evening.
        Day 4. To Uchar waterfall and back
        Today we will have to walk 12 kilometers there and back along not the easiest mountain-taiga path to one of the biggest waterfalls in Russia — Uchar (160 m). One can not hear the voice of the other person next to the waterfall, even if he/she shouts. But there’s nothing to say actually … You will learn that there is a very special atmosphere next to waterfalls, some energy, and understand why they say «the most powerful spirits live near waterfalls». In the evening we will prepare all things for the onward journey through Siberia.
        Walking distance: 24 km, campfire-made meals, overnight in a yurt.
        Day 5th. The Chulyshman Canyon
        We will travel along one of the most beautiful canyons in Russia. Almost 800-meter cliffs with waterfalls will rise above us. We will have to climb the tough road pass Katu-Yaryk (1652 m) to get out of the canyon. For security reasons, it is recommended to be done on foot, which is what we will do. As a reward there will be a great view of the canyon from above. After this pass, the Altay is different … Rally: about 60-65 km (dirt road, ford crossings), on foot (optional): 3,5 km, campfire-made meals, the first night in the tent camp.
        Day 6. Altay Scythians, Lake Uzunkol
        We will spend the first half of the day studying the ancient Pazyryk culture — we will pass through the Valley of the Kings, visit the museum «Pazyryk» in Ulagan. If possible, do visit the Hermitage before the expedition — the best and most fantastic findings from Altay are exhibited there. In the evening we will find ourselves among the snow-capped mountains — in the forest-tundra zone, on the high-mountain lake Uzunkol (1985 m). These waters are rich in trout and peled.
        Rally: 51 km (asphalt), meals in cafes, overnight at the recreation center «Uzunkol», steam bath.
        Day 7. Contrasting beauty of the Altay.
        Through the Red Gate gorge we will go down the famous Chuya Highway. We will make a stop at the fantastic Blue spring Lake. An hour later, the forest will disappear as we reach Kuray. The snowy 4000-high mountains of the North-Chuya ridge will rise ahead of us — these are some of the highest mountains of Siberia. An hour later we will find ourselves in a completely different world — in the Chuya steppe at an altitude of approximately 2 km. «The Steppe» — is a very roughly made definition, it is rather a mountainous semi-desert, a Tibet-like location. In the evening there will be a concert of Altay throat singing and a chance to try the national cuisine.
        Rally: 132 km (asphalt), walk: 3 km, meals in cafes, overnight in a yurt.

            Week Two

              A steppe world of Siberia. A deep submerge into a different reality.

        Day 8. Martian-like landscapes
        In the morning we will take a short walk around the vicinity of our yurt camp – there are mountains of different colors. In the afternoon we will perform a landing on Mars in an unusual Kyzylchin landmark, where the surface of the ground is colored with different types of ancient clay – it is the only such place in Russia. We will set up a camp for overnight on the island of the Chagan Uzun river, so there will be a romantic evening and sleep with the fabulous music of the mountain river.
        Rally: about 20 km (asphalt, dirt road, fords), walk: 6-8 km (along Kyzylchin) campfire-made meals, overnight in a tent camp.
        Day 9th. The Chuya steppe: the Museum of Siberian Antiquities
        We will drive along the Chuya Highway across the entire steppe. There will be a short stop at Mount Zhangys Tobe located beyond the village of Kosh-Agach at the very top of which there is a secret place with Siberian runes left here more than a thousand years ago by the ancient Turks. We will see interesting petroglyphs (rock drawings) here too. Our route will turn to the Buguzun pass — the only highway linking the Altay and Tyva.
        Rally: 80-90 km (asphalt and dirt road), walk: 1 km, lunch in a cafe, but dinner will be campfire-made, overnight in a tent camp.
        Day 10th. Through Buguzun to Hindiktykul
        We will be travelling in the Republic of Tyva. This is a completely different world, not similar to the neighboring Altay. The people here are not fluent in Russian, often living in yurts, worshipping the spirits of mountains and lighting candles in Buddhist temples. And it is Russia too. We will spend the night on a shore of a wild lake Hindiktykul where the sacred mountain of Tyva — Mongun-Taiga rises high above the water. There is an island on the lake. We will get there by a rubber boat if the weather is fine.
        Rally: 55-60 km (off-road and dirt roads), meals will be cooked on a campfire or a gas furnace, overnight in a tent camp.
        Day 11th. In Tyva. Russian Tibet.
        Our trip will go among the colored mountains of Tyva to the south, along the Mogun Buren river valley, where a Tibetan monastery was located in the beginning of the previous century, to the border with Mongolia. Then our route lies along the state border to the east — to the legendary Ubsunur Hollow.
        Rally: 131-140 km (off-road and dirt roads), meals will be cooked on a campfire or a gas furnace, overnight in a tent camp.
        Day 12th. In Ubsunur Hollow.
        Through the Kaga Dove Pass we will get into a giant intermountain Ubsunur Hollow– a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the heart of Tyva — the land of sandy deserts, salt lakes and tribal shaman mountains. We will set up a camp for the overnight near the giant Ubsunur lake.
        Rally: 210-230 km (good dirt road), meals will be cooked on a campfire or a gas furnace, overnight in a tent camp.
        Day 13th. Tore-Khol – the Pearl of the Sands
        We will find ourselves among the sands at the only freshwater lake in the basin. By mid-August, the water in the lake can warm up to 21⁰C, so it is like a resort for us. We will rest from driving till the end of the day.
        Rally: about 170 km (good dirt road, sand roads), meals at cafes, overnight in a yurt camp on the shore of the lake, steam bath.
        Day 14. Tsugeer Els — the northern edge of the Gobi Desert
        This is a day for a small hiketo the sand dunes of Tsugeer Els — they are the most northern part of huge Asian deserts, and, together with the sands spreading further to Mongolia, they are also known as the «Little Gobi». In the evening we will get back to the Tore-Khol and have a rest in yurts. Perhaps there will be a theatrical shamanistic ritual.
        Rally: about 30 km (sand roads, off-road), walk: 1-3 km (over the sands), meals at cafes, overnight in a yurt camp on the shore of the lake.

            Week Three (Stage 2)

              The Sayan Mountains. A challenge in the country of mountain spirits.

        Day 1. Kyzyl city — the center of Asia
        We will travel to the north in the direction of Kyzyl — the capital of Tyva. On the way, we will stop at the sacred shamanistic mountain Kezhege and at the salt lake Dus-Khol. Later in the afternoon we will take a tour around Kyzyl: the Yenisei embankment, where the famous obelisk «The Center of Asia» is located, the temple of the shamans «Tos Deher», a Buddhist temple Tsechenling and prayer wheel in the main city square Arata. Meeting with participants of the 2nd stage of the expedition and departure of the members of the 1st stage of the expedition.

        Rally: about 280 km (dirt roads, good asphalt), meals at cafes, overnight in a city hotel.
        Day 2. Along the «Yenisei» highway to Ergaki
        A farewell morning walk around town (if we suddenly find out that we have missed something day before) and off will we drive further to the north — to the Sayan Mountains, the Ergaki ridge. It is a completely different world — the taiga mountains, where fantastic shapes of rocks and quiet lakes create a unique image of the fairy tales about mountain spirits. After the Tormazak bridge we will stop at the touristic camp, check in at the Ministry of Emergency Situations and prepare to march to the Ergaki. Later we will admire the Sleeping Sayan mountain in the evening light.
        Rally: 102 km (fine asphalt), meals at cafes, overnight at the campsite.
        Day 3. The Ergaki. To the Hanging Stone.
        We will take our backpacks, walk along the taiga path to the lake Karovoye, and set up our tent camp. Then we will go with light baggage to the Hanging Stone – a 100-ton boulder located on a cliff, the stone seeming to fall into the abyss with a light touch of a finger.
        Walking distance: 4.5 km with a backpack and 1.5-2 km with off-backpack (taiga path, wild rocky slope) campfire-made meals, overnight in a tent camp.
        Day 4th and 5th. More Ergaki
        This compact National Park is often called a paradise on Earth. Yes, the weather here is not perfect, rains and fog are a usual thing, but the views are so impressive and so rapidly changing that it can be very difficult to turn the camera off (a full memory card on the second or third day in Ergaki is a very common problem). The paths are also difficult and sometimes even dangerous here (if you go without safety precautions), but it is worth it. Our main goal is the Artists lake and the space-like mountain Parabola.
        On foot: 18 km (challenging mountain trails, 1A passes), meals cooked on the gas burner, overnights in tents.
        Day 6th. Return from the Ergaki
        This day we will go back to the touristic camp. There we will take the backpacks off and rest before going on a long journey.
        Walking distance: 3-7 km with a backpack, cook over a campfire, and overnight at the campsite, steam bath.
        Day 7th. Shushenskoye, Ethnographic Museum
        We will descend from the mountains. The landscapes around us will become more and more similar to the whole central Russia — we will be in the Minusinsk basin, at an altitude of just 200 m. above sea level. It is a unique place for Siberia: even apricots grow here ripe because of the climatic conditions. There will be a long stop in Shushenskoye — a village of the early 20th century, which has no analogues in Russia. In the evening we will admire the impressive hydro power plant, and just an hour later set up the camp in the steppes of Khakassia, on the Yenisei bank.
        Rally: about 220 km (asphalt), meals in cafes, overnight in the tent camp.

            Week four

              Khakassia. An upgrade to a new level.

        Day 8th. In the great Khakassia
        There are many good books about Khakassia being written lately, some documentaries began to appear (we recommend to watch and read them before the journey), but a presence in this ancient and truly great land can not be compared to anything. There is something primitive in it, something that connects you with the all humankind and its true needs. We will go through Abakan to Salbyksky mound, and then towards the Sunduki where we are going to set up our camp.
        Rally: 300-350 km (asphalt, dirt roads), meals at cafes, campfire-made meals, overnight in the camp.
        Day 9th. The Sunduki
        A research walk over a small mountain ridge Sunduki. Being here without prior information or preparation is mostly a waste of time, so you would better spend some time studying this phenomenon at home — then you’ll have a right and proper meeting with the Sunduki. Later in the afternoon we will drive towards the Efremkino village, on the way turning to the Tuim deep.
        Rally: 100-150 km (asphalt and dirt roads), walk: about 5 km (in the Sunduki), cooking over a campfire or on a gas furnace, overnight at the recreation center in Efremkino.
        Day 10th. Along the Path of ancestors
        Last active day of our trip is special: we are going on a ten-kilometer path along the steep banks of the White Iyus. Shaman Trail, Trail of the Ancestors … These are names of this place. As if in a sort of purgatory, we will go through different caves and grottos, down to the water, then climb up to the high cliffs. Past ancient drawings and runic letters in depth of the ages, to the very roots of humanity.
        Walking distance: 10 km, we eat at the recreation center in Efremkino, overnight also there, steam bath.
        Day 11th. Going home
        Our more than three weeks of immersion in Siberia will now come to an end. We will go to Krasnoyarsk — the city with almost one million people population on the banks of the Yenisei river. We will see the road home before us and expect a nice, long digestion of information and experience obtained during the trip. We all will be changed, no doubt about it — the Siberia will make us different: wiser, happier and greater, more Siberian …
        And thus- more real.
        Given the unpredictability of the weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, our schedule may change a bit: perhaps we will have to speed up somewhere, or vice versa — we will be ahead of time. There are also other possible actions according to circumstances. The main thing to remember is that
        we are all a team, united by a common purpose. And that means that no Siberia can be too challenging for us.
        Organizational information:

        Stage 1: Barnaul — Kyzyl

        The registration fee is 81 550 rub per person

        The registration fee includes: the work of managers and leaders, the transportation in the expedition cars and boats, the accommodation in all tourist centers and hotels, the accommodation in a camp, camp meals, a concert of throat singing, insurance.  
          • Dates: August 8 — 22 (15 days), 2016

          • Starting point: Barnaul, West Siberia, Altay
          • Finish point: Kyzyl, Republic of Tyva
          • Number of participants:   5-7 people (7 available)
          Stage 2. Kyzyl — Krasnoyarsk
          The registration fee is 77 950 rub per person
          The registration fee includes: The registration fee includes: the work of the organizers and leaders, the transportation in expedition vehicles, an Ergaki guide, the accommodation in all tourist centers and hotels, the accommodation in the tent camp, camp meals, excursions, insurance.  
          • Dates: August 22 — September 2 (12 days), 2016
          •Starting point: Kyzyl, Republic of Tyva
          • Finish point: Krasnoyarsk, East Siberia
          • Number of participants:   5-7 people (7 available)

        Expedition Vehicle
        Upgraded UAZ nicknamed «Kuzya» which has high off-road capabilities and is fitted with an inverter for recharging of photo and video equipment. On the roof there is a hatch for a photo safari during the movement.
        Partners of the Journey:

          Outdoor-store Alpindustria
        All members of the expedition will receive a free discount card for 20% for the outdoor clothing and equipment in Alpindustria stores
        For the mass media! For the media: if you want to publish a well-written story and beautiful pictures about the trip, just contact us!


        The registration fee does not include:

        flights (rail travel)
        To find cheap flights we suggest visiting www.aviasales.ru
        Just enter the necessary data in the form below:

        (Stage 1 Arrival: 10:00 August 10 or earlier departure: after 22:00, August 24)
        (Stage 2: Arrival: 10:00 August 24 or earlier departure: after 22:00, 4 September)

        Meals in cafés (payment according to the bill)
        (six or seven times for each stage, an average check is 200 rubles).



        Wishes to participants:

        Previous travelling experience is desirable, but not required. Journey conditions imply a bit of disregard for comfort and this must be understood. It also involves a certain unpredictability of events, which is also to be agreed to.

        For non-residents of Russia it is necessary to take a final decision in at least 4 months before the start of the expedition due to the complexity of clearance preparation for crossing of the Altay and Tyva border.



        I want to go on this journey.

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