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Media about the Siberian expeditions, reviews


Interview with the founder of the Siberian expeditions

An interview with Zhitin Rodion to the online magazine “Siburbia”  
An interview to the online magazine Siburbia
What a «travel with a meaning» is, why Russia has no developed eco-tourism, how expeditions into the wilderness perform a social function and become business and who are willing to go to Siberia for the exotic — we have discussed this all with the director of «Siberian expeditions».
(as of 17 July 2015, the original article)

Articles in magazines about the Siberian Expeditions

ETNOGRAFIKA, St. Petersburg
Photostory «Where Mongolia begins». According to the materials of the expedition “Runes of the Ancient Altay”..
October 2013, text by Rodion Zhitin, photos by Alena Knyazeva.
Download PDF (p. 10)
Arimasps and gold-guarding vultures country  
Arimasps and gold-guarding vultures country
«Fear the one-eyed Arimasps and gold-guarding vultures, for meeting with them means death…» — the father of history, Herodotus, wrote describing the distant eastern countries and people. «Vultures live in a cold land, among high mountains where snowflakes look like feathers».
Who are those gold-guarding vultures? Where is their country, and whose gold do they guard? For a long time the words of the ancient scholar were considered to be a myth, fiction, until …
An article in the STATUS magazine(September 2013), written on the basis of research expedition in Eastern Kazakhstan in July 2013. Text by Rodion Zhitin, photos by Vyacheslav Zametnya and Rodion Zhitin.
Download PDF (p.68-74) or read online
STATUS, Kemerovo region
The article «The Semirechye: the great mystery of the Earth.» Based on a photo safari in the Southern Kazakhstan “Spring in the Semirechye”. May 2013, text by Rodion Zhitin and Elena Polishchuk, photos by Anna Ivanova.
Download PDF (p.72-76)
Article “Runes of the Ancient Altay”  
Runes of the Ancient Altay
Ancient Siberian runic inscriptions in the Altay are not a tourist attraction, which is known to every tourist or even a tour guide — they are a mystery. They are a part of the ancient Siberian ritual — written in the special places, they were not meant for mortals, but for gods. In response the gods left drawings on rocks (so the ancients thought) — Petroglyphs: The gods heard the man, so the herd won’t perish, hunting will be successful, and the children healthy.
An article in the STATUS magazine (September 2012), written on the basis of research expedition to Chuya steppe in July 2012. Text by Rodion Zhitin, photos by Alena Knyazeva and Rodion Zhitin.
Download PDF (p.56-60) or read online


Articles in newspapers

    Nevskoye vremya, Saint-Petersburg
Semirechye, mon amour. August 30, 2013, the text and pictures by Ilya Snopchenko

Stories on TV



TV channel «Rossiya»,
The story about Etnoposelenie in «Vesti-Novosibirsk»

… In the smoke of pine cones there is a ritual hitching post, so that the deity that brings happiness could tie his horse any time and go for a visit. Ordinary people come here on foot: an open-air museum is located in two minutes’ walk from the bus stop. Etnoposelenie was founded this summer. The author of the project is a historian …











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