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How to join an expedition

The procedure of registering to an expedition
1. Choose an expedition you like . If at this point for some reasons you can not go to a real journey, then subscribe to our newsletter , to be informed about upcoming announcements and probably get a very good discount on the journey (we have a special attitude towards our subscribers — they often get very favorable terms that are not available in case of a simple application on the website).
2. Make an application on our website. In the short time the head of travel or the project coordinator will contact you to confirm and clarify the application information and all the organizational details.
3. Sign a service contract. A draft of the contract can be found here. If you are located not in Novosibirsk, we will send you the contract to your by registered mail, or send a scan-copy of the contract to your e-mail.
4. Make a prepayment. As a rule, it is at least 30% of the declared organizational fee. The prepayment is paid in respect of payments due under the contract and is a non-refundable deposit. The rest should be paid no later than in three weeks before the journey starts. Individuals shall make the prepayment to the Alfabank or Sberbank card.
5. Send a photocopy of the passport for health insurance and insurance for travel abroad (in case of participation in the expedition outside the Russian Federation) or border pass preparation in case it is needed. It is required to submit the copies of the main page and the page with the latest valid residence address.
6. Get ready for the journey. Buy a ticket to the starting point and back, collect personal equipment according to the list issued by the head of your trip or the project coordinator. Gather some information about the expedition area, work out and watch your health.
7. Meet us at the starting point and hit the road!
8. Congratulations! You’ve made it!
Siberia Expeditions geography
(entire Russia from the Crimea to Kamchatka, Kazakhstan and Mongolia)
Technical equipment
(vehicles, tent capm, comfort and communications)
How to join?
(registration, prepayment and contract)

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