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Shoria Mountains. Skiing tour across Siberian Taiga forest

Siberian expeditions, Winter ski trp in wild Siberia
Winter travel in the legendary Siberian mountain taiga location — Podnebesnye Peaks (Shoria mountains). There are majestic silver firs decorated with soft snow heaps, the clearest mountain air and evening get-together in forest huts with strong tea at the warm stove.
You travel to:
Visit the Siberian taiga — the largest and most beautiful forest in the world
See «the winter tale» with our own eyes: fanciful snow heaps on trees and circle of stars around the full Moon
Dive into snow after a red-hot taiga steam bath
Return home feeling rested and happy
i-want to expedition!

 Brief overview:
The organization fee covers: the work of tour-leaders, accommodation in hotel and all taiga lodge (huts), renting forest skis, all transfers, snowmobile support, rescue service support, satellite connection Iridium, travel meals, insurance.
The starting and finish point: city of Novokuzneck, Russia
Time for the tour: from early December to March (wintertime in Russia)
Duration: 9 days
  Number of participants:  2-8 pax (no more)
• Price per person: about 700-1100$  (for more details email us)
Category: active recreation, skiing.
Difficulty: no more than 9-18 km of skiing a day, all nights spent in warm taiga huts. Physical training is obligatory.
Impressions: skiing across a fabulous winter forest, full moon in the mountains, unity with the nature, a real Siberian steam bath, and clear freezing air.
Siberian Taiga, Russia, in mountains Siberian taiga, girl with tattoo Nostalgic for the Siberian taiga
© All photos are made in our past tours. We are working in the Siberian Taiga since 2012
Winter Ski trip in wild Siberia

We’ve chosen Podnebesnye Peaks of all vast Siberian taiga for very serious reasons.

First, they represent the genuine beauty of winter Siberia, which can be seen only here. Other locations either have less dense and rich taiga, or almost no mountains, or which is the most important no infrastructure.

Second, and most interesting, touristic lodges in Podnebesnye Peaks let us make winter journeys comfortable and safe: without winter sleeping bags, tents and portable stoves. We take only food and necessary things. We spend nights only in taiga huts (lodges), being warm and comfortable. We don’t have to think about a heavy backpack, and can enjoy the beauty of winter and the thrill of skiing.

The team of Siberian Expeditions
Константин Когут, Сибирские Экспедиции   Konstantin, guide
A professional guide with many years of experience hiking in winter Siberia.
Житин Родион, Поднебесные Зубья, Сибирские Экспедиции   Rodion, technical support of the journey
Has 8 -years experience in organizing expeditions. A member of Russian Geographical Society.


Why you should choose our company for a journey to Siberian taiga:
Everything will be safe. We were there many times, we know all features and details: from choosing equipment to reverses of the weather. A unique Siberian atmosphere. We know Siberia, we can be called professional Siberians. We will tell you many interesting true stories and legends, give a treat of the real Siberian tea, which you wouldn’t taste anywhere else.
You will meet a new love. No mistake here. It is impossible not to fell in love with the winter taiga with its unmatched images and clear frozen air. And we will do everything to make your «date with Siberia» most romantic. You are not a customer, you are a part of the team. We will explore and change the world together. As a rule, the expedition is just the beginning — we can work together on the received materials or carry out further joint projects.




I’ve been always fascinated by people with their eyes burning,
who know their profession, develop it and captivate with their
views. Slava and Rodion, thank you for introducing taiga to me.
I’m deep in love, and hope it’s mutual.


Skiing in Siberian taiga, 2014


Vyacheslav and Rodion, thank you for an unforgettable journey.
Such events stay in memory for the whole life. I would like to
express my heartful thanks for things you do. It was truly cool.


Skiing in Siberian taiga, 2014


previous journeys:

Time for the tour: from early December to March (wintertime in Russia)
Novokuzneck. Russia


Day 1. From Moscow to Novokuzneck. Rest and acclimatization
Early in the morning we meet you at the Novokuznetsk airport. The flight is difficult, so you need to rest for a few hours at the hotel and sleep. Then we can arrange an excursion around the city. Novokuznetsk is one of the oldest cities in Siberia (founded in 1618). There are ancient churches,
historical museums and a fortress. At present the city is one of the industrial centers of Russia.
Siberian Taiga, Amzas village


Day 2. From Amzas village to Ruban lodge
Early in the morning we arrive to Amzas village, the touristic outpost in Podnebesnye Peaks (Shoria mountains). Breakfast in cafe, group check-in service saving. Then we ski through the village and then ascend along the mountain river to Ruban lodge. Today we admire the amazing views Podnebesny Peaks. Depending on the physical preparation of the group and the desire we can visit Amzasskoy cave, look at the ice crystals and the underground lake. In the evening we have a real taiga steam bath.
By train 150 km, 11 km along ski-track, 3-4 hours’ trek.
Siberian taiga, Shoria  mountains  
Day 3. Climbing to the Podnebesny peak mountain
We get up early in the morning, after breakfast we go to the ridge Tiger-Teesh, a mountain Podnebesny Peak (1600 m). We go skiing, if there are a lot of snow and we go on foot, if a lot of snow and there is a trail. Once we leave the taiga zone behind, we come to a completely different world — a world of bizarre snow patterns, bonsai cedar and beautiful mountain viewes far around. Down the lodge, rest. They who want to rest may stay in the lodge.
about 3 km along ski-track, 3-4 hours’ trek.
Siberian taiga forest tour
Day 4. Towards Diyakon lodge
We get down early in the morning from the pass to the valley of the Maly Kazyr river to Kupriyanovsky Polyna lodge, a snack. In the afternoon, go for a walk up the valley of the Maly Kazyr, admire the views of the Podnebesny Peaks. Today, almost a full moon, all around appears to us in a mystical light. They who want to rest may stay in the lodge after dinner. In the evening we have a real taiga steam bath.
about 14 km along ski-track, 5-6 hours trek.
Siberian taiga, Shoria mountains, Russia  
Day 6. Mazai, the most distant hut in the taiga
We get up early in the morning, after breakfast we go to Glukhariny lodghe. Depending on snow conditions, we have two ways: through the pass  —  a short, but steep and round — long, but almost flat. In the evening we have a real taiga steam bath.
about 13 km. 4-5 hours’ trek.
Siberian taiga, dark coniferous taiga  
Day 7. Dark coniferous taiga around the Glukhariny lodge
Today we explore the neighborhood of the Glukhariny lodge.We walk towards the pass Marukha along the ice-free river Chistaiga. Then we will walk through the virgin snow among the gigantic Siberian cedars (trees in three girth), We will look ice-free taiga Glukhariny Falls. They who want to rest may stay in the lodge. In the evening, we celebrate the New Year!
about 8 km. 3-5 hours’ trek.
Siberian taiga, Amzas village  
Day 8. To Amzas village. Return to civilization
We go to Amzas village and stay in cafe. There we have rest, sing hiking songs and share our impressions. The evening train takes us from Podnebesnye Peaks region to Mezhdurechensk and then drive to Novokuzneck. Arrival at night, hotel accommodation.
By train 150 km, 9 km, 3-4 hours’ trek.
Day 9. Flight to Moscow
Early morning transfer to the airport. The flight duration is 4 hours to Moscow. Also early in the morning you are in Moscow Domodedovo airoport.
© All photos are made in our past tours

P.S. You can order an individual expedition to the Siberian taiga, with regards to your personal itinerary. Write to us about it, we are pleased to create for you an unforgettable journey!

Where and when:

The starting and finish point: city of Novokuzneck, Russia
Time for the tour: from early December to March (wintertime in Russia)
Duration: 9 days
Number of participants:  2-8 pax (no more)
• Price per person: about
(for more details email us)
 Do I have to take my own pair of skis?

No, it is not necessary. We will give you specially prepared kamus skis for winter tours. They are much easier to use, than running ski or mountain skis. You’ll master them in a couple of hours if have minimal physical training.

Expeditions partners:

МЧС Сибирская тайга, Кемеровская область  
Ministry of Emergency in the Kemerovo region
Для СМИ! For mass media: For mass media: if you want to publish a well-written story and beautiful pictures about the journey, there’s nothing easier —  just contact us.
The organization fee includes:

• the work of tour-leaders;
• accommodation in hotel and all taiga lodge;
• renting forest skis;
• all transfers;
• snowmobile support;
• rescue service support;
• satellite connection Iridium;
• travel meals;
• insurance.

The organization fee does not include:

Flight (rail transportation) to Novkuzneck (Russia)
We suggest using www.aviasales.ru. to find cheap flights.
Just enter the necessary data in the form below:

Safety is guaranteed:

• The group is accompanied by a certified tourism instructor;
• The group is registered in the Ministry of Emergency in the Kemerovo region;
• The group has a satellite mobile phone Iridium working even in the most remote taiga locations.


Wishes to participants:

Minimal physical training is required. Ability to ski is obligatory. Train a bit before the trip, everyone can learn to ski properly in a couple of hours, but you should do it before going to the expedition.


What should I do next?
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    Siberian taiga, Vysokogorny lodge
    Siberian taiga, Ruban lodge
    Siberian taiga, Glukhariny lodge Siberian taiga, Snezhny Bars Siberian taiga, Kupriyanovky polyna
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