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Oymyakon, Pole of Cold

Ethno-tour in Yakutia

Oymaykon, Rusia, Yakutia, Polo of Cold
Oymayakon Village (Sakha Republic, Russia) is coldest permanently inhabited locales in the world (population 520 people). Local people lead a traditional lifestyle, they are herders, hunters and fishermen. At first sight this is ordinary siberian village, but according to various measurements, the minimum temperature in the village ranges from minus 78 to 82 C! This is an absolute record on Earth.
You travel to:
  Visit the Oymyakon — Cold Pole of the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth, the coldest inhabited locality  in the world. See everything with your own eyes.
  Take a walk around Yakutsk, coldest major city. Explore the Permafrost Museum and the paleontological collection of mammoths. Test the national Yakut cuisine and ride dog sledding.
  Cross half of Yakutia (more than 1000 km) along one of the most legendary northern mountain roads in the world  —  Kolyma Tract.
  Get to know what the cold is: you throw out boiling water into the cold, hammer nails by banana, photograph nice "white snow" eyelashes.
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Brief overview:

The organization fee covers: English-speaking guide service, all transfers, all accomodations, all excursions, meals.

The starting and finish point: city of Yakutsk, Russia
Time for the tour: from the end of beginning December of to the end of March
Duration: 7-8 days
Number of participants:  2-6 people
• Price per person: about 1900-3100$ (for more details email us)
  Category: comfortable tour (but you need reliable winter outdoor clothing)
  Difficulty: daytime temperatures -40 to -65 ° C are possible.
  Accommodation: hotels (3 times), mini-hotels (4 times)
Yakutia, Russia, Pole of Cold. Tour in Oymyakon
Oymyakon, Yakutia. Pole of Cold Ride dog sledding in Russia. Oymyakon, Yakutia

Oymyakon, Pole of Cold.
Ethno-tour in Siberia

  Siberian Expeditions Team

There are two officially recognized regions in which there are the coldest points on Earth. This is the North and South Poles of Cold. In the Northern hemisphere of the Earth, the poles of cold with a record temperature are considered to be the village of Oymyakon (with indicators of — 71.2 ° C) in Yakutia (Eastern Siberia). At the same time, this village is the coldest place on Earth with a permanent population (about 520 pax).

Without a doubt, this unique place deserves your attention. Our professional task is to make your expedition as comfortable and safe as possible. This we can. Oymyakon is hard-to-reach and inaccessible place, so you will bring home the most unreal and unusual impressions. Few people in the world can boast such impressions and experiences. You can.

You also explore no less unique region of Siberia — Yakutia. It is because of this region that Russia is called one of the coldest countries in the world. Permafrost, the skeletons of giant mammoths and woolly rhinos, huge rivers, nomadic reindeer herders, dog sleds and endless expanses of wild nature — all that you will see with your own eyes.

Viktory, Siberian Expedition   Viktory, the travel-consultant and coordinator
The traveler, guide and consultant on Yakutia, Altai and Sayan Ring.


Why you should take this journey with us:
Traveling in Siberia since 1999, working as guides since 2010. We were born and raised in Siberia. We know all the features of this country, all interesting and useful people, all routes and all regions (Altai, Baikal, Yakutia, Kamchatka and many others). Tours, expeditions, hikes, studies, camps — we have a lot of experience and are ready to take on many complex tasks and do it as professionally as possible. You will discover a surprising unknown Russia.. We will not only show you beautiful scenery, but also give an extensive amount of knowledge and a possibility to meet most interesting and striking people
You will get a unique life experience. No one returns the same person from this expedition: there is a reassessment of values in life; there are interesting and reliable new friends, even the eyes of the travelers become wiser and happier, and more different. You are not a customer, you are a part of the team. We will explore and change the world together. As a rule, the expedition is just the beginning — we can work together on the received materials or carry out further joint projects.

Якутия, мамонты, Якутск. Оймякон, Полюс Холода


Day 1. Hi, Yakutsk! Coldest major city in the world
This day after the arrival to Yakutsk in the morning, breakfast and rest at the hotel you will visit the ethnographic complex "Chochur-Muran". You will try dog sledding on the beautiful Ytyk Kuel lake with Yakutian Laika dog.
Next stop is underground ice gallery "Kingdom of Permafrost". It’s a tourist complex was built in the tunnel inside the permanently frozen hill.
You will see "dozens of fabulous, never-melting ice sculptures of local pagan gods and a host of more recognisable objects and characters – a sitting Buddha, a pharaoh, Ded Moroz (Russia’s Santa Claus), a woolly mammoth and an icy interpretation of Picasso’s Guernica. Silver coats and woolly boots are given out to keep you insulated" — Lonely Planet.
Later in Yakutsk you will visit North History and Culture Museum and Mammoth Museum.
Dinner at the restaurant with local yakutian cuisine.
Meals: breakfast in hotel, dinner restoraunt (lunch not included). Accommodation in  hotel "Lena".
Oymyakon, Pole of Cold. Lena Pillar  
Day 2. (option). Lena pillars
After breakfast you will start a day trip to famous UNESCO natural sight — Lena pillars. Natural formation of steep rocks, the height of which reaches 150-300 m. The view from the top of the pillars is literally amazing and perfect for nice pictures.
After you will come back to Yakutsk.
Rally: about 410 km by car. Meals: breakfast in hotel, lunch like a picnic, dinner in restoraunt or cafe. Accommodation in  hotel "Lena".

Oymaykon, Pole of Cold  
Day 3.  Way to Oymyakon
This day you will start your adventurous road trip from Yakutsk to Oymyakon (about 1000 km).
On the way you will visit Museum complex Cherkeh in Tattinsky district.
First night will stay in Khandyga — small village on the way.
Rally: about 450 km by car. Meals: breakfast in hotel, lunch in cafe, dinner in mini-hotel. Accommodation in  mini-hotel.
Oymyakon -- Pole of Cold  
Day 3.  The Road of Bones
Your journey to Oymyakon will continue along the Kolyma Tract. It was called "Road on bones" because it was built by Gulag prisoners during Stalin’s repressions.
Lunch at the East weather station, and arrive in Oymyakon late at night to sleep at the warm hotel.
Rally: about 520 km by car. Meals: breakfast in mini-hotel, lunch in cafe, dinner in mini-hotel. Accommodation in  mini-hotel.
Oymyakon, Pole of Cold  
Day 5. Ice-fishing in Oymyakon
Here you are in Oymyakon.
It is time to visit the farm of Yakut cows.
Visit the coldest place on the planet! The extreme negative temperature -71,2 °C was registered here. Then you will take part in ice fishing on the Indigirka river.
And in the evening you will enjoy Dance Performance of children’s ethnographic ensemble in Oymyakon.
You will also get Cold Pole certificate as an evidence that you have visited the coldest place on Earth.
Russian sauna ("banya") after such a long day will warm up and relax you.
Meals and accommodation in a mini-hotel.

Oymyakon, Pole of Cold. Kolyma Tract.  
Day 6. Visit horse farm and a pagan purification rite
After breakfast in the hotel you will depart from Oymyakon to the Yuchugey village. Visit the Yakut horses farm to meet the horse breeders and explore more about famous Yakutian horse. You also will have an option of the horse riding.
Later you will take part in a pagan purification ritual "Algys" — fire feeding.
After the lunch you will visit the local history museum in Tomtor village. Then come to stay overnight in Khandyga.
Rally: about 520 km by car. Meals: breakfast in mini-hotel, lunch in cafe, dinner in mini-hotel. Accommodation in  mini-hotel. 
Day 7. Free time in Yakutsk
You will arrive in the city approximately around 4 p.m.
After that you will have free time for a walk around the old city, do some shopping to buy Yakut Brilaints (Yakutia has the world’s largest diamond deposit) or just some souvenirs.
Enjoying your last dinner in Yakutsk don’t miss "stroganina" — thin slices of the iced frozen fresh fish or meet.
Rally: about 450 km by car. Meals: breakfast in hotel, lunch in cafe, dinner in
restoraunt or cafe. Accommodation in  hotel "Lena".
Oymyakon, Pole of Cold  
Day 8. Bye, Yakutsk!
After the breakfast we will transfer you to the airport.
It will be the time to say: "Bye, Republic Sakha! Maybe see you again soon!" Because Yakutia or Sakha Republic is the biggest state of the biggest country in the world. And it has a lot to see and try in the summer or autumn as well.
Meals: breakfast in hotel.

P.S. You want  individual tour (or your personal itinerary) to the Republic of
Sakha (Yakutia), write to us about it, we are pleased to create for you an unforgettable journey!



Organization information:

The starting and finish point: city of Yakutsk, Russia
Time for the tour: from the end of beginning December of to the end of March
Duration: 7-8 days
Number of participants:  4-18 people
• Price per person: about 1900-3100$ (for more details email us)


Minibus 4WD for the duration of the tour:
One or two comfortable minibuses UAZ (or another 4WD) for 4-6 pax.
Tour partners:
For mass media. For mass media: For mass media: if you want to publish a well-written story and beautiful pictures about the journey, just contact us.

The organization fee includes:

English-speaking guide service
All transfers
All accommodations (hotels/mini-hotels)
Meals (cafe, restoraunt, picnic)
All excursions in in museums
Dog sledding (1 time)


The organization fee does not include:

Travel insurance
Russian tourist visa invitation
Alcoholic drinks

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