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Adventure tours in Russia with professional guides

This is a unique opportunity to travel to the most beautiful and almost unexplored places in wild Russia. Wide scale of breathtaking landscapes, life of simple local people and their culture — that is different from everything you have seen before. Challenge yourself, meet new friends, explore, feel the spirit of real discoveries and adventure drive in the largest and most unknown country in the world.

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altai heritage tour Siberia Russia    
Altai Ring Tour   Baikal Ring Tour   Sayan's Ring Tour
Russia, Siberia. Altay Mountains. UNESCO site. One of the most popular tourist location in the country. Pristine nature, rich historical heritage, modern Turkic nomads and great opportunities for trekking and hiking. Russia, Siberia. Lake Baikal. Journey through the deepest and cleanest lake in the World! Culture, Evenk Village, national siberian cuisine, fishing, shamanism and wild-wild nature of Siberia. Russia, Siberia. Khakasia and Tyva. Geographic center of Asia. Gold of the Scythians, remnants of ancient civilizations, the world's best throat singing and real Siberian shamans. The beautiful taiga, lakes and mountains around.
Lake Baikal Ice tour Russia   siberian taiga forest tour   Oymyakon, Pole of Cold
Baikal's Ice Tour   Siberian Taiga Tour, skiing

  Oymyakon, Pole of Cold
Russia, Siberia. Lake Baikal. Huge space covered with the clearest ice in the world. Mind-blowing sunsets and sunrises upon the icerocks. Winter Siberia is the only place where you can experience that. Russia, Siberia. Shoria Mountains. Face real Siberian winter, travel across Shoria mountains and experience untouched nature. Staying at the huts only. Russia, Siberia. Yakutia. Pole of Cold of the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth (temperature -71.2 C fixed) and coldest permanently inhabited locales in the world.


Siberian Expeditions

Siberian Expeditions is a team of professional guides. We make adventure and discovery tours in Russia. Have been working since 2010 we organized more than forty tours and expeditions to the most beautiful and attractive places of wild Russia: Mountain Altai, the Siberian taiga forest, lake Baikal, the Trans-Siberian Railway, the Caucasus Mountains, Kamchatka, Tuva, Khakassia, the Kuril Islands. We have all the resources: people, outdoor equipment, transportation, knowledge and experience working with tourists from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. And we are open for partnership with groups from around the world. Looking for a reliable guides team in Russia? Congratulations, you found it.


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Real interesting Siberian stories. As people live there in fact. Myths and Reality. Discover Siberia, but be cautious, you can fall in love with it! Because absolute freedom lives here.  
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